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Air Barrier for a datacenter - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For a datacenter in Amsterdam we created a so called 'air barrier'.
The problem this client had was that the air handling units on the top level (which take care for cooling in the building for example) sucked in their own hot air. Evers Staalconstructies BV designed, produced and assembled this so called air barrier which prevents the suction of hot air.
The biggest challenge in this project was to connect the new construction to the existing one and the placement of the enourmous chimneys on top op the AHU's. The chimneys are produced by Evers Staalconstructies BV as well, these are connected to the AHU's by using sail cloth and clamping straps.
On the new construction we assembled cold formed beams, on which circa 450 m² aluminium checkered plate has been fastened. On various positions, plastic see through windows has been placed to make sure there is enough light beneath the new roof.

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