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Two new assembly buses

In August 2015 the assembly department got two new assembly buses. One is a standard bus and the other one is a truck with hydraulic crane. Both of the buses are a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519. Beside the cargo space, the bus also has a double cabin so we can transport several mechanics. Because of the roof rack we don’t always have to take a trailer with us.


The hydraulic crane can be remotely controlled. The hydraulically foldable support legs ensure that the car remains stable when lifting.  The combination of truck and crane provide a flexible and fast usability. More pictures you can find on our Facebook page.  


New propulsion system for a 3000 ton carousel

For one of our offshore clients we delivered and assembled a 3000 tons onshore carousel in Eemshaven. On this carousel we used a new propulsion system. Below you can find a video with this new propulsion system. 

Korean carousel

In September we delivered a 4000 tons carousel in Korea. The Korean media also noticed our activities and filmed it. They made a report about the company that makes and lays down the cables.


In the movie below you can see the carousel. Once they are load with cables the boat is on his way to Qatar. 

You can find the original movie (included with Korean description) hier. All rights and copyright MONEYTODAY NETWORK INC.

Trial set aramid fabric

Commissioned by a banking consortium we made a trial set. The aim of the test was to see if the steel construction could resist the explosion forces of a plastic bomb. Eventually the construction went down by an amount of C4 bigger than the requirement that is necessary. Below you can see a picture of the explosion. 

4000 tons carousel

By satisfaction of our Asian client we delivered a 4000 tons carousel at the end of 2013. At the moment we are building this one in South Korea. On the second of May we received a commission for a second 4000 tons carousel.

Open house at Evers Steel-constructions was a big success.

13 and 14 December was a busy day at Evers Steel-constructions. Friday afternoon there was a joint meeting for all the employees of the associated companies. More than 100 people were guests at Evers to take a look at the working Carousel. Saturday all the families and friends of the employees could take a look at the carousel.


Next Tuesday there is a meeting for al the business relations and supplies. Next Thursday the traditional Christmas brunch will take place for the employees. 


Assembling of the 4000 tons carousel

At the moment we are busy with the assembling of the 4000 tons carousel at our own ground. The schedule is to get this done at week 50. That means that the hydraulics needs to be connected. The carousel is 7 meters high and weights over 600 tons.