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CSR Policy 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is based on three basics: People, Planet and Profit. The balance between those elements is normative for the sustainable construction in our society. Evers Staalconstructies BV wants to be a part of the sustainable construction and pursues and active CSR policy. The goal in this policy is to find a balance between the three elements to promote the business.


  • To create save working places and methods so that the risk for employees and third parties on accidents is minimal.
  • To create a positive work environment where employees are working in an effective way together and enjoining their work.
  • Regularly informing the employees about the policy, goals and achieved results to advance the team spirit, motivation, focus on results and the awareness of quality and safety.


  • A good furnish of processes and facilities so the energy consumption and milieu taxes are minimal as possible.
  • Encourage the use of sustainable materials in product development or furnish of a premise.
  • Encourage the use of energy conscience of employees.


  • Conducting a profitable business that secures us in the future.
  • Developing and producing of sustainable products that suffice the requirements, wishes and expectations of our customers and also require the legal regulations on these products.
  • Building a committed relationship with our customers by being a good business partner and by delivering good quality and sustainable products in delivering service in the arranged time.
  • Continually strive for the improvement, which will show that business can be better, and where new developments and technology will be possible.

To achieve the above we started the CSR monitor of the Metaalunie. This monitor gives us directions how to handle our CSR policy. The CSR policy, if certified, is equivalent to level 3 of the CO2 performance ladder.