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Since July 2014 is it in the context of the Regulation Building products (CPR) and the European harmonized product standard EN 1090-1 legally required for steel and aluminum construction components, which are used in a permanent project and for trade in the EU, to draw up a CE-declaration.  This CE-declaration can only be draw if a supplier is notified by an (extern) instance and is certificate on the EN 1090‑1. This certification expects the SNS quality label. If a supplier can’t give a CE-declaration, he commits an economic offense, which is punishable by law.  

Evers Staalconstructies BV is been certificated by the TÜV Nederland and can, because of this, fabricate and deliver steel constructions to implementation class EXC 3 according to the EN 1090‑2:2008/A1:2011. Beside that is Evers Staalconstructies BV by the same instance officially certificated for the performing of welding according to the   EN ISO 3834‑2:2005 (comprehensive quality standards), with welding processes 135 and 138. However this certification of the EN ISO 3834 is not required according to the EN 1090‑1, you have to work at this standard. To guarantee the quality of the welding, we chose to certificate the strictest part of the standard, part two, officially. Excellent welding is constructive and the most essential part of the construction. Because of this we can deliver a construction of the highest quality.

Below you can take a look at our certificates and download them.  

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